Churchfield sports believe in delivering the best quality sports clothing

This website is dedicated to increasing the availability of one of the products in our range

 the compression sock by Sportlast.

They are exceptional and versatile, and they are an essential element in your kitbag.

Sportlast compression socks are unisex in design. Chose your correct size for comfort and control. Chose your prefered colour and  add extra style to your sports wear. They make an essensial element of your kit bag.
Sportlast compression socks have a duel elasicity design to help increase blood circulation and improve oxygen availability. They use "Clevertex" Hygroscopic double layered material to reduce sweating and increase comfort.
​Sportlast compression socks prevent foot dilation, muscle oscilation and unwanted movement of all aspects of the foot, reducing muscles damage, stress and fatigue helping to  prolong activity and speed up recovery.
  1. Unisex colourful design
  2. Multi sport
  3. Superior performance
  4. Indoor surface.
  5. Tennis court
  6. Clay court tennis.
  7. Colourful and stylish design.
  8. Grass court tennis
  9. Concrete tennis courts or Tarmac roads